Goals for Danny – a fundraising initiative

  • March 16, 2022
Olympic Kingsway SC is excited to launch 'Goals for Danny' a fundraising initiative to help local West Australian soccer star Danny Hodgson recover from a life-changing, unprovoked, one punch attack.

Hodgson, 26, is still in hospital following a horrifying incident in the Perth CBD on September 5, 2021 which left Danny fighting for his life.

"It breaks our hearts to see Danny in hospital," Olympic Kingsway President Steven Nelkovski said.

"Danny will need on-going support for years to come and this fundraising initiative is open to anyone all over the world.

"Even Cristiano Ronaldo (Danny's favourite player) can help by donating."

Danny's father Peter Hodgson thanked the worldwide community who have supported his son.

"Danny's life has been changed forever.

"The love and support Danny has received has been overwhelming and despite Danny's progress, he will still need constant care and treatment," Peter Hodgson said.

How does the 'Goals for Danny' fundraising initiative work:

Any individual or company can sponsor Danny by pledging an amount of money (minimum $20 per goal) for every goal the Olympic Kingsway Senior team score this season (at home and at the northern end of the ground only).

"We play 11 home games this season, so if Olympic score 10 goals and the pledge is for $20 per goal, the individual or company will then be committed to donate $200," Nelkovski explained.

"We’d love to see the stands packed on game day with the local community cheering Goals for Danny.”
Danny Hodgson played for Olympic Kingsway in 2018. The star forward scored 23 goals as he led Olympic to an unbeaten season and the League Championship.

All monies raised will go to supporting Danny Hodgson.