2019 Season Junior Registration Information.

FFA & FootballWest Registration System Changes:

Football Federation Australia (FFA) & FootballWest (FW), have introduced a new registration system for soccer in Australia. The Play Football portal powered by Interact Sports has been introduced to simplify and improve the registration process for all clubs, members and players.

Community Club - Player registrations are scheduled to commence on 3rd January 2019, when the new system ‘goes live’.

Payment of Registration Fees:

Registration fees are required to be paid in full prior to the commencement of the 2019 season and also before the kits are provided to players.

The 2019 Season commencement date is – TBA

Payment Plans:

Please note that “Full Season Payment Plans” that is, options which allowed for payment of fees to be made progressively during the playing season is no longer available at the Club. However, if you are experiencing financial hardship, the following options are suggested to be considered to ensure fees are paid in full prior to the 2019 season commencement date of your age group:

  1. Arrange and self-manage a pre-season payment plan strategy to pay weekly/fortnightly instalments between 3rd January and 31st March 2019, via EFT to the club.
  2. Apply for KidSport subsidy.

KidSport - Financial Assistance:

If you're experiencing financial hardship, the KidSport subsidy is a good option to consider.

KidSport is available in WA to eligible children aged 5 to18 years to help them participate in community sport by providing financial assistance of up to $150 per calendar year towards a sporting club. If you'd like to know more about KidSport, please read the information on the WA Government Site. You can apply for KidSport online here.

Recommended Steps:

  1. Apply for KidSport before commencing the online registration.
  2. This is to ensure your KidSport eligibility is confirmed and to obtain the KidSport code before selecting the appropriate registration package.

Sibling Discount:

In 2018 the club board introduced a sibling discount for families with more than one child playing at the cub. The discount for each additional sibling is $30. For example, if you have two children, you will receive a $30 rebate. If you have three children, you will receive a $60 rebate and so forth. The sibling discount rebate will adjust in the new registration system if the family criteria match.

We trust this discount will assists appropriate families.

2019 Junior Registration Fees structure:

 The table below is divided into four sections explaining the fee breakdown by:

  • Age group
  • New or existing player
  • Macron kit component
  • KidSport subsidy (eligibility/ ineligibility)
  • EFT or Cash payment to the club
  • Bank surcharge if paid by Credit Card


SECTION 1: New players ineligible for KidSport subsidy
U6 & U7 (New Player)  $ 290.00  $         165.00


 $        455.00    $                 9.24  $  464.24
U8's to U12's (New player)  $ 395.00  $         165.00


 $        560.00    $              11.37  $  571.37
U13's to U18's (New Player)  $ 445.00  $         165.00


 $        610.00    $              12.38  $  622.38
SECTION 2: New players eligible for KidSport subsidy
U6 & U7 (New Player)  $ 290.00  $         165.00  $         150.00  $        305.00    $                 6.19  $  311.19
U8's to U12's (New player)  $ 395.00  $         165.00  $         150.00  $        410.00    $                 8.32  $  418.32
U13's to U18's (New Player)  $ 445.00  $         165.00  $         150.00  $        460.00    $                 9.34  $  469.34
SECTION 3: Existing players ineligible for KidSport subsidy
U6 & U7 (Existing Player from 2018)  $ 290.00



 $        290.00    $                 5.89  $  295.89
U8's to U12's (Existing Player from 2018)  $ 395.00



 $        395.00    $                 8.02  $  403.02
U13's to U18's (Existing Player from 2018)  $ 445.00



 $        445.00    $                 9.03  $  454.03
SECTION 3: Existing players eligible for KidSport subsidy
U6 & U7 (Existing Player from 2018)  $ 290.00


 $         150.00  $        140.00    $                 2.84  $  142.84
U8's to U12's (Existing Player from 2018)  $ 395.00


 $         150.00  $        245.00    $                 4.97  $  249.97
U13's to U18's (Existing Player from 2018)  $ 445.00


 $         150.00  $        295.00    $                 5.99  $  300.99



Registration fees will not be refunded in the following circumstances:

  • When a player has been graded, allocated to a team, accepted the selection confirmation and paid the deposit.
  • When a player’s membership is revoked due to a breaching of the Club’s Code of Conduct.


  • Partial refunds may only be given at the discretion of the Football Committee in exceptional circumstances e.g. severe injury and excluding unrecoverable costs such as FA and FW fee components.

If you have any questions, please email the club registrar on:

We look forward to an exciting season of soccer!

The OKSC Team

Senior Teams

State League 1: Terry Nicolaou
State League 1 Reserves: Jake Harman
State League under 18s: Darren Veness

Sunday Amateur Div 3 Firsts: TBA
Sunday Amateur Div 3 Res: TBA

Masters North Division 2: Uli Purwien

Junior Teams

Under 6s (clusters)
Under 7s (clusters)
Under 8s x2
Under 9s
Under 10s 
Under 11s x3
Under 12s x2
Under 13s x2
Under 14s x1
Under 15s x2
Under 16s x1


For any questions leading up to the 2019 season please contact the following representatives:

Juniors: Denis Defontaine on:
Sunday Amateurs: TBA
Masters and Social: Uli Purwien